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The LX Project: News

Every Monday I will try to bring my readers the latest news about the mesh bodies in my project. During the weekend I will look into things and see if there is anything new happening to report.

Look out for Belleza! The big news has to do with its update! The mesh body that has not seen any updates in quite some time is getting an overhaul! The creators are ready to launch a new and improved Belleza Venus within the next couple of weeks. There is still lots of mystery around the update, but from what I can see, there will be improvements to the alpha. For this reason I will hold on including the Belleza Venus in my project until the updated version has been released, since it is possible that with changes to the figure, which are unavoidable. the products I test on it will work differently. I am looking forward to seeing what is coming, as this body was pivotal in the development of mesh bodies and new fitmesh design.

Pencil Dress Show 1

New LX Essentials Release: Strapless Pencil Dress. Shown in Onyx. L149. Maitreya Lara, Size M

Designers are hoping for a way to take the guesswork out of designing for the Maitreya Lara. As it stands right now, of the three mesh bodies in my project, it is the Maitreya Lara which adapts best to different apparel, with only minor tweaking necessary for a comfortable and flattering fit. I hope that news will be coming soon about a kit for the Maitreya, since it is such a wonderful body for many different reasons.

Products continue to emerge for the Slink Physique.Fitted mesh apparel is becoming much easier to find for this body. Research in this project has thusfar determined that it is the Physique which novices to fitted bodies are most inclined to purchase – with its reasonable price tag, hourglass shape, and abundance of appliers and apparel available. The seamlessness of the slink ands and feet, which have become a staple for any avatar, male or female, is another reason that people will lean towards this body when they are considering taking the ‘next step’ with their avatar. My personal wish for the Physique? That the alpha be improved even more, giving a touch more flexibility in the bosom. For meshes like the one I have chosen for my pencil dress however, this makes no difference. With a little tweaking to the body fat, the fit is perfect.

The Pencil Dress in red on the Slink Physique. Size M, L199

The Pencil Dress in red on the Slink Physique. Size M, L149

Coming to Essentials this week: New releases for My 60L Secret, 39L Wednesdays, and 45L Thursdays. Essentials will be preparing for the Mesh Body Addicts Fair, which will premiere in August, 2015. Coming up will also be gachas, a revamping of the group, and continued rennovating to the inworld store. The pencll dresses will be released today, followed by a couple of other things I have in mind for the week and for the month. The sale items stand the same at the moment, but look for changes in those soon.

That is all for now… Thanks for visiting.

Lex Ethylene

LX Essentials


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