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This Week at Essentials

The month is winding down and it was a great weekend. What have I been doing? A bunch of things, everything really time consuming but having to do with the LX Project, and I will not say very much until I am sure of all that will be going on. 🙂 That aside, there is plenty planned. July will be less busy for me, and with the coming of summer will also come some new things in my shop. I am waiting for the Belleza update, which as I understand will be bloody powerful, and will then continue with that body in my project. For the time being, I am still continuing the project as I have been, until (HOPEFULLY) I can sort the bit I need to sort to expand my research even further. However, for this week so far, I have three new items, one which I am about to release and two which are ready and backed up. I made a beach dress which was rather colourful and vibrant earlier, so I decided to make another one, which is more muted and delicate. The dress comes in three fitmesh sizes (One for the Physique and one for TMP, along with a standard fitmesh size) and the 5 standard sizes. I had great success fitting into this using a standard size and the Maitreya. The fitmesh worked on my Belleza, but like I said before, I will not include the Venus until I get my update ^^. Pictured below in the Physique: Beach Dress 2 Show a Beach Dress 2 Show B Beach Dress 2 Show CAnd on the product page in the Maitreya:Beach Dress 2 RedThat should do it for now. With July coming fast, and so much to sort then, I will hopefully be achieving certain goals that will make this project even better and more successful. (Oh! I need to do some shoes too, don’t I?) ❤ Lex Daxton LX Essentials Get The Most out of Your Mesh Body.


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