Original FItted Mesh Apparel

Do You Mesh? Take 2

As I get attention as a creator, I am being asked more and more if I can do mesh. The answer to that question is a bit compliated, but I will try to keep it brief:

Yes. I can mesh.

I have worked in one mesh program in another world. I made furnishings, so clothing, in particular rigging, is new terrain for me. When I decided to bring my creativity to SL, I was not given positive feedback on my mesh designs by a hurtful influence who knew nothing about mesh, so it had scared me off.

This influence is now gone from my life, so I am now prepared to dig into this aspect of the LX Project.

What I have been doing over the last week is studying mesh. I can design my own creations, but there are elements that are very new to me. In fact, last night I managed to rig my first piece, which brought me to further tutorials. I have had success with baking, too.

What I am working on right now:

– I have received the fitmesh kit from Slink today. I am so excited about this that I am like a rubber band! LOL

-Maitreya fitting still needs to be done ‘by eye,’ so I use this body as practice when I am designing.

-New designs. I created my first design in Max today! I bounced to the roof when I did, but I still have to nail the mapping, the materials, and all that fun stuff which I am studying all at once.This is taking practice, but I am in love with the process. However, the reason I am posting this is because I am introducing my own journey through my 3D modeling programs into the LX Project.

I am definitely giving this all I’ve got. In the meantime, I will keep my catalogue fresh, as usual, by adding more designs that I have found during the first phase of the project.

Stay tuned for more about meshing and how I am doing with this side of the LX Project.


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