Original FItted Mesh Apparel

The New Belleza Body: Love Your Belleza Hands and Feet

So. I got my Belleza update today, and was rather exctied when I opened the box…. And WOW. What an improvement

The neckline is WAY better than it was before. I am wearing it with my favourite Belleza skin -Grace. Being skeptical about wearing this body because of the neckline issue, I can finally say that without a problem, it looks good.

The Isis is my favourite form already. I had always found the original venus to be a little too straight around the hips… Isis compensates for that beautifully. The Freya is a bit curvier with heavier muscles, so not exactly my cup of tea, but definitely beautiful as well.

At first, I could not fit my slink hands and feet. I quickly reminded myself as I got to the bottom of my coffee cup that it had been due to my lack of cafffeine, and that was what had needed sorting. After feeling a bit ridiculous, I opened the skin tab and saw what I had needed quite clearly – Slink hands and slink feet. I clicked on the two buttons and had another look. Although the feet blended quite well, the hands are slightly off, leaving a ‘slice’ in between the arm and the hand on the left side. This was disappointing for me, and I tried everything possible to compensate, but nothing was working, so the conclusion is that I would have to disregard my slink hands to use this body. The Isis shape is so gorgeous that when my favourite skins have updated the appliers, I might do that… Even if it is difficult for me to do. šŸ˜›

The good news is that I can include this body in the project again, because I have tried on my belleza compatible clothing, and it fits. But NOTE: Until a mesh kit is available with the new sizes (I am on a waiting list to recieve a mesh creation kit from Belleza) the only size that will take old belleza mesh is the classic venus. The other two bodies set a platform for a wonderful array of different styles and designs. It will be great to see what the mesh world comes up with to suit all three of these lovely figures.

This body is INCREDIBLY popular. I have had feedback from people who are literally obsessed with this bod.

I will not say which of the three bodies in the project is my favourite, since all of them have amazing features and stand alone wonderfully. I appreciate and adore all three, which is why they are a part of my project.

(Would love to get my hands on the mesh creation kit but sadly the LX Project started a bit too late to get it before applications were closed)

But… Love your Belleza hands and feet. Until there is a new update that fixes this glitch, that is the only solution available.


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