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What’s New: About The Project

First, let me say that I am thrilled and thank Slink for their support in adding me to this wonderful list of creators:


as a creator who features Slink friendly mesh apparel in her shop.

Slink has been wonderful to me, and with my mesh package, I am truly understanding the beauty and the work entailed in creating this body.

Second… The news! I have joined another weekend sales event, which means that the weekend at LX Essentials will be full of items for sale – bringing in new things or creating special edition pieces available only for sales events. I want to also remind you that I have a sale section inworld, which is upstairs at in shop. If your avi feet are tired, use the TP I put in the front 🙂

Third… Requests! Yes I have been getting requests. I am not accustomed to taking requests, and my workload is getting heavier with many events going on and a bigger event that I will participate in in August to keep in mind. If I can, I will fit it in. I do not charge for that. It is simply on an ‘if I can I will’ basis.

Now… Onto revising my mission statement.

There are some days when I find myself forgetting why I started the LX Project. With new bodies popping up everywhere and body specific fitted mesh designs on the rise, there are some days when I honestly forget why I started all of this in the first place. As I broaden my journey to include rigging for mesh bodies, I cannot forget the first phase of this whole thing – Finding meshes that are adaptable to your mesh bodies, thus saying…

Get The Most out of Your Mesh Body.

With this in mind, I want to remind people about some things:

First, we have alphas for a reason. While it is ideal for certain things like skirts or tiny tops to fit to a T, we also have alphas to help us fit other items – perhaps items that were NOT designed to fit our mesh bodies. Fair enough… It is ideal to have that fitted design and zero worries about whether or not a piece of skin or a blank alpha patch peeks through. Let’s face it, though… There are still many issues with fitted mesh, and while designers are doing their best to compensate, there are still going to be times when you will need to use your alphas. Perfection is very hard to achieve, since we are human at the end of the day.

As I explore designing mesh and rigging mesh for specific bodies, I see many things that have to be taken into consideration. The thing is that the consumer does not really understand what rigging entails – Careful painting of the skin weights, the slightest glitch in interactive skin bind (Maya) can cause the whole piece to be off kilter… While I love what I am doing with meshing, it is a painful process to learn, since so many variables go into it – Especially when rigging for a body, which is a whole different ballpark from rigging for the standards. When you are ‘flying without a net,’ as in my case since tutorials on fitted mesh specifically for mesh bodies are few, if any at all, it is even more challenging to get everything correct… Thus, phase 2 is in the ‘practice’ stage.

With that in mind, I will share my first ‘rig:’

tube show 2I rigged this product for two mesh bodies. It is shown on the Slink Physique, which I am fortunate to have the files necessary to adjust mesh with. I also did my best to fit it for the Maitreya and did pretty well. The only thing is that in fitting it, the stretch is not ‘tremendous,’ so having a medium sized bust is ideal. I have left very specific details on the notecard that comes with the product. This top is available in 16 colours (Yes, 16!!!) and has three fitted sizes, along with 5 standard sizes for the classic avatar. It is simple, granted, but it was my first piece to try to fit, so I wanted to go easy as I get the hang of it all.

After doing that, I wanted to do some things that keepthe original idea of what the LX Project actually is alive, so I have three things following this: The first is already done and will be released this weekend as the weekend special. It is a slip dress, which is one of those items that one cannot live without in summer. I did this dress with muted flowers and it will be available in 8 jewel tones. Shown below on the Maitreya, this piece was chosen because the alpha use is minimal when used with the shapes which accompany the Lara.  As usual, instructions on how to adjust your body to fit will be included. All 8 of these dresses will be on sale in my shop only for 69L until Monday, when they will be 99L and available in the MP 🙂

summer dress show 1In conclusion for today, I am reminding my customers and followers, happily adding that the list of people who are interested in the project is growing, that there are now two goals in the LX Project: 1. Getting the most out of your mesh body, which means using standard fitted designs and seeing how far our mesh bodies can go to fit even the meshes not meant for them specifically. 2. Creating my own designs or rerigging designs to fit our mesh bodies. Phase two of the project will alternate with phase 1, since at the beginning of this project, I invested a lot of time and energy into finding meshes that fit, and would like to keep that part of this alive.

While it is a bit more complicated to have two paths in my journey as a creator and an artist, I am happy with how things are going, and will press on with the same objectives, while adding a new one.

Remember that our mesh bodies have potential. They were built with that in mind. I would still like to see how far they can go.

❤ Lex Daxton

LX Essentials


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