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A Busy Weekend: The News – TMP Joins the LX Project

I am doing the news today since I will be working a bit in RL this week, and am preparing a presentation to further explain the concept behind LX Essentials.

During the coming weeks I will be preparing for the Mesh Body Addicts Fair. At the fair, I plan to feature some exclusive items which are specifically for one of the four (Yes, now there are four bodies, which is part of the news this week) bodies that I represent in the project.

I will now include TMP in my work. I have had this body for ages (I got it as my second body. The first I got was the Physique) and have now decided to bring it in. I remember when mesh bodies first began to become a trend, and TMP was one of the top bodies on that list. I have also received requests to try to include products that are friendly to this body as well, so I will. It takes time for me to add a new body, since there are many things to consider, plus TMP is a bit special, making more things to consider. I already have several products that are compatible in my shop. 😉

Second thing that I want to discuss are requests. One has already been sorted… I was asked to do my daisy pants, but in a maxi skirt. I have made it in 12 colours using a different texture style from my original maxi. Shown on the Physique and it is also compatible with the Maitreya and the Belleza VENUS (Please note I have NOT started testing on the other two bodies yet but will very soon)

Daisy AshAlso thinking of the Physique, as it was my first mesh body and it holds sentimental value with me apart from being an awesome body, I made a series of tank tops. They are basic in ribbed cotton. They come in 6 colour trios.Shown in monochrome below:

A monochrome TrioWhat I love most about this top is the great stretch (making women with larger busts very happy indeed… approved by Mr. Daxton of course 😀

But that is not all that I have done this weeked.

I released a second Maxi skirt, in a different style, also compatible with the bodies in the project, shown below on the Maitreya

amaxi earthThis one is in 8 colours and I have already been asked to make some more lol

(Seems Maxi skirts are quite popular this summer!)

Finally I released a halter top to match the second maxi skirt. It has a lovely high collar, which we all love, and a wonderfully sexy cleavage. Also in summer cotton, and it comes in 12 colours:

Shown on the Maitreya

Halter Pure (2)The last thing I want to say is please… Be careful shopping out there. Try demos. Make sure that something is good for YOUR figure. My testing method is quite thorough and I do my best to cater to all forms, but there are many people out there who release products said to be for mesh bodies and only know it fits theirs… I do not guarantee fit but I do take the study seriously, making my rigorous testing method effective in most cases.

Another thing: Please understand the concept of fitted mesh. There is a difference between fitted mesh and body specific fitted mesh, so although something might be fitted for the default avatar, it might not fit your body.

That is all for now… The sales are still going on, so stop at the store and take advantage of the discounts!

Next… Essentials APPLIES itself. 😉


Lex Daxton

LX Essentials

Get The Most out of Your Mesh Body


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