Original FItted Mesh Apparel

A Long and Difficult Week

This one has been a hard one, but finally we are at the weekend, so I can resume getting things sorted. The first issue was the failure of my laptop, which caused chaos lol. That having been sorted, although I am still sitting with tons of files in an external hard drive until I have the time to sit and sort all of them out, forcing organisation on me (which is not bad at all as it was very much needed) but… I am functioning again.

Due to the complication, I had to miss this weekend’s sales, but I did put out a new product…

I love sweaters. No matter what time of the year it is, I always look for an excuse to wear a sweater. Thinking about that, I have released a late summer set, with a sleeveless cotton knit sweater and denim mini skirt. The skirt has a 4 texture hud with two blue and two monochrome options.

The sweater is available in 12 colours. It has two fitmesh versions – one for the Belleza Isis and one for the Belleza Freya. However, this set is adaptable for the Maitreya and the Physique as well. Instructions are included in the Note card attached.

Pictured below on the Belleza Isis Body in ash and natural, two of the twelve colours available:

Late Summer Set Ash Late Summer Set Natural

Thanks for understanding… More is coming in the days ahead.

❤ Lex


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