Original FItted Mesh Apparel

The Weekend and The News

Liquid Latex LogoWow. Hard to believe that Essentials has been open for three months already. What started as something for my own research and curiosity is turning into something more. I am happy about it, but other unexpected things came into play this month that are causing me to be a bit behind on things.One of the RL courses I teach has extended through July, it has been more difficult for me to get things done online. I thought I would have a summer break, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen, although my work will taper off a bit more in August. September always gets hectic.So much needs sorting when learning, watching tuts, practicing, keeping products fresh, maintaining my RL job… I didn’t know it would take so much to run a shop on SL. I adore doing it, but I am only now starting to manage my time and getting things into proper order.

Bear with me. It is coming together. I am so flattered by the warm reception I am receiving.

Before anything, I need to consider the fair in August. I only have two weeks left to get sorted for it.

I have had many requests to get appliers going in the shop. I am going to do this, as I love appliers. I will start this weekend and try to get as much done as I can before the end of the weekend. Bear in mind that when I talk appliers, I am taking making them for 4 different bodies plus the omega, so that means measuring, texturing, and scripting for 5 different huds. 🙂

Mesh Kits and Fitted Mesh

I have finished the first module of a course I am taking about the ins and outs of design, and have made a couple of things. I am practicing rigging now.  I currently have mesh kits for the Physique and TMP. Something to know about TMP: Rigging for it is hard because there is no model to refer to. Truth be known, the body is much much different in shape than the other mesh bodies. This is not an issue, but a model would be nice to make sure things fit properly. It is in the making. The Maitreya is a fit done by eye, so I am doing the best I can to do it by eye. I do not have the kit for the Belleza so at the moment I cannot attempt at it. I hope to get it soon. When I do I will officially launch the second phase of this project. Until then, I will keep at what I am doing.

At the moment there are five things on my desktop being done at the same time. I had to skip the sales again this weekend, but have already set up for next week. There will be 8 items on sale, quite fresh, starting then.

I have a subscriber in the store now. Feel free to pop in for updates, etc.

I am also part of a blog group now, and will be preparing a package for that.

So much to do, only two hands… But it is getting done.

Thank you for the support.

Love and Kisses

Lex (Just Lex)

LX Essentials


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