Original FItted Mesh Apparel

Dance Dance Dance, Everybody! Summer Wind

Summer fashion is winding down for Essentials, since I plan to release my autumn line at the start of The Mesh Body Addicts fair. As I start bringing summer to a close in my shop, I will be offering a few new items to celebrate… And why not a dance dress?

This halter dress comes in two colour sets in the MP and individually inworld if you want to mix and match. I have tried this on ALL 4 mesh bodies in the LX project and guess what? SUCCESS! It fits on each of them 😀 A detailed note card is included with very specific instructions on how to get this on your body.

The dress comes in 5 standard sizes and two fitted sizes – one for Belleza Isis and one for Belleza Freya. Shown below on the Belleza Isis body:

Dance Dress Ash Dance Dress Midnight Dance Dress Red Dance Dress SilverLX Essentials is also sporting a new logo now 🙂

Coming out soon, as I am at the store getting them ready for release.

Thank you for your support and love

❤ Lex (Just Lex)

LX Essentials

Get The Most out of Your Mesh Body


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