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The Fair Is Getting Closer!

Fair Sneak PeekSo…. The Mesh Body Addicts Fair is approaching. It starts on August 1, and although I want to keep what I am trying to prepare for it quiet until the absolute last minute, I thought I would put out a little teaser. The fair will represent several things, but most importantly, it I hope that it will show how much Essentials has grown since I opened not that long ago. I am studying different elements of design. My progress is coming along, and will speed up come August, when I have more time to dedicate to what I do here.

With four days left to prepare, and my addition to some new projects in August, there is a lot that needs sorting. But… As today is also the day for the news, I should say a little something about what is coming, since the month is closing.

Autumn 2015 will be my focus for August. I have always adored fall. There is nothing like gorgeous sweaters, soft, flowing skirts, denim and tweed… So much in this brilliant palette of texture and rich colours. The fair will also showcase my autumn colour schemes, and the array of different fabrics I plan to work with. From casual to formal, cozy to sexy… I hope to incorporate a little of everything.

There is still much pending. I have had requests for appliers, and I am seeing to that. I have been working with my 3D software daily to master rigging and design, which is not easy, as any designer can tell you. The more I study, the more I understand the nature of mesh bodies, how they work, and am getting all kinds of ideas about what designs will work best so that I can hopefully keep the element of making mesh body friendly products, whether specifically fitted for them or not, alive, since that is how Essentials began in the first place 🙂

I have to keep requests closed and might not have them open at all. There is just too much involved in creating overall to dedicate time to any specific requests.

There are other bodies I am looking into studying as well. Two others have caught my eye, so I might give them a go in late August to see how friendly they are.

My store is growing. There will be sales on Thursdays (something new,) and over the weekend. There is one more event that I will participate in, and as that event approaches, I will give more details.

Subscribe. Coming August I will also be giving updates via the terminal at my store and the remote kiosks at the events I will participate in. The subscriber might contain little goodies in the beginning of the month, so pop into the store and sign up 😀

Oh. And the gachas. There are gacha machines in the store that need filling. That too will be done this month… AND! LX will participate in its first hunt!

That is all for now… Thanks for reading.

❤ Lex (Not Just Lex ;P)

LX Essentials

Get The Most out of Your Mesh Body


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