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OOOLALA The Physique Update

LX New Logo512The Physique was my first mesh body, so as I have once mentioned, I get a bit sentimental about it when I think about all of the bods represented in my shop. It is also the body I have been practicing on as far as my rigging and designing work are concerned.

So… What has changed this time around? LOTS of fixes. Remember how the stockings on appliers were a little off kilter? Not anymore- That has been sorted. Adjusting to the neck, fixing the crotch just a touch (making me happy since I can test more things on it now)

There are other things as well… adjustments to the materials, layers… Things which will satisfy those who rock this bod so much more than before.

That being said, people who have visited my store have been popping me messages and NCs asking for advice about different mesh bodies – this one being the most popular that people ask me about. I will address a few of those here and now.


One of the great things about this body is that any shape works with it. I have used the standard size measurements and my own personal shape choices on it, and they all look great. Do shapes come with this body? No, but there are instructions on how to get a good fit with it.

Standard Sized Clothing?

There are a lot of standard sized clothing pieces that work well on this. My research has shown me that the things to consider with it are love handles. body fat, butt, breast buoyancy and cleavage, and of course, muscle. unless the item is fitted, you should be flexible with a margin of between 5 and 10 to make certain things fit.

Things that do not fit are things which have some asymmetry because this body’s alpha takes from both sides, not just one.

Another to consider when using standard sized mesh on this body are the back, because it is a bit broader than the classic avatar back from my study, so things might clip a bit. Finally, if the jeans you choose are a little short, you might have to just use that ankle alpha. The shoulders are also higher than on the classic avatar. This body is very friendly, so the things I have mentioned are really not that much to consider overall.

At the fair one of the bodies I will focus my attention on is the Physique. I guess I can whisper that four new items will be released at my shop and two at the fair as exclusives fitted for it. Designers love it because… When looking at and studying the bones and model, everything is so crystal clear. Just looking at everything makes me understand how much energy went into making this one… And it is improved at least every 6 months.

Anytime one of the four in the project makes changes I get enthusiastic, but the Physique is a soft spot for me.

More coming soon

xo Lex

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