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The Fair and… More News!

Scarf GiftFirst is a prezzie. So many people have been supporting me and pushing me forward… So I made this little scarf thingie that is fitted for the bodies in the project as a gift at the fair only. Once the fair goes bye bye, the scarf will too 😛

I had time to make something new also. I will have one more new thing coming out… This is not exclusive so you can find it either at the store or at the fair… A pair of cozy autumn inspired pants to start the season off rightly. They are fitted for the Freya and the Isis, but work on the Slink and the Maitreya also (NC included with instructions on how to fit it for both.) 10 colours are available, sold separately. Shown in the Isis in Earth, Natural, Night, and my new autumn palette violet, grape.

I have been asked by more than a few people to do these like the Daisy Pants. I will, but it will have to wait till I get a few other things done. ❤Cozy Earth Cozy Grape Cozy Natural Cozy NightNow for news; Let me see how fast I can do this:

I am now a sponsor for Fi’s hunts. The first will be the Totally Wrong hunt, which will be running in September.

The Garage Sale event will run in September as well. Theme: Something New

I am sponsoring the Sequin Event in September, the theme will be pastel.

I took down the sales board today because I am going to be having sales all through August, in three different events, two on the weekends, and one on Thursdays. Look for those instead. If they were on sale during the summer, they are now gone.

Subscribe – the first gift will go out in the middle of August.

I am sure there is more, but as the weekend progresses, I will put more info down for those who follow me ❤

The support has been just… Brilliant. Thank you.

❤ Lex

LX Essentials

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