Original FItted Mesh Apparel

Sales Weekend at Essentials

The weekend is upon us, and so are this week’s sales! Let’s see if I can combine this weekend’s sales with the news…

First, I am offering seven items for sale. One is a new release, the other is something I did when Essentials first got started.

For Fifty5 (a new event I am participating in, I am offering A NIGHT OUT. This dress is fitted for the Maitreya, Physique, and TMP. It also comes in a standard fitmesh size. I have the colours onyx, red, night, and grape for sale inworld only:

A Night Out Grape A Night Out Night a night out Onyx A Night out Red

Second is for My 60L Secret… A silk skirt which comes with two in the pack – solid and patterned. I will offer three colours.

Silk Skirt Cream (2) Silk Skirt Coal Silk Skirt TealAll sales selections will be available inworld for this weekend only.

And now for the news:

Essentials is in the process of getting a makeover. The change is going to be big, so it might be a lot to take in, but I feel that the changes will be positive.

First, Essentials has a manager now (yes, Essentials has a manager now!) to my RobertEroicaDupea Resident. Any events that are organised after this post will run through him before me… He is better at the administrative part of the project, and I need a hand 🙂 This is only for events and planning. Customer Service is still in my hands.

The store is going to be revamped – after the fair, autumn apparel and new releases will be on the ground floor. Summer and previous releases will be on the top. There will be a new logo and layout, both of which are almost complete. I have been working on my rigging and designing techniques, which is another reason that new releases have been slow lately. They will pick up again once I get things sorted.

This will not slow down things for the events planned, and I will put a schedule up once I have everything organised.

I have the aid of some incredible people as Essentials goes forward – people who are helping me with the store’s look, with my studies in both phases of the project, and with my own work on various aspects of design.

That’s all for now… See you in the shop!




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