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The News and Phase Two

Rigging 1It’s my rez day! I am 4 years old! Time certainly flies in the virtual world!

With All that has been going on, it can get difficult to incorporate all of the growing elements of Essentials into one week. Being that it is now officially my summer break, I have a bit more time to concentrate on the things that are growing in this little shop of mine. One of those things is starting on phase 2 – Rigging and Designing. I have been working heavily with the Slink Physique, and am getting a bit closer to understanding the fundamentals of good rigging, thanks to the various tutorials and help I have received.

I cannot forecast when Phase 2 will be completely on track. Optimistically I believe that by October or November, Phase 2 will be underway. Before that, there are events in September which need my attention, so I will be alternating between this and getting products made and running for the growing list of subscribers and events.

The support is fantastic, and I find myself surprised (and feeling blessed.)

Ok. Enough of that… Onto the news.

  1. I have a little shop annex on the Ambrosia Club’s sim – huge mall with tons of cool places to shop. I used to go there when I was ‘young’ on SL, so when I was approached to put a little shop in, I couldn’t refuse. Then again, how many people do you know that can refuse dancing and shopping? 🙂
  2. Sales end tomorrow, so the two items that are in the shop will go back to their regular prices starting tomorrow morning. Thanks to everyone who popped in and picked up some goodies.
  3. There has been an issue with the scripting of my bag, so deliveries have been failing. I am trying to catch them as they happen, but if your item fails to get to you completely, please im me immediately to sort it. There is a new bag and script already prepared, but bear with me – it will take me some time to change all of the items in my shop which are being problematic Please keep in mind that my time zone is GMT, which is SLT+8, so I might not be around when you send the IM. They go right to my email, so I see them before logging in. I encourage IMS unless you see I do not respond within 24 hours… That means Gmail ate your email. 🙂
  4. Flickr and FB. These things are being sorted, and I have both. My Flickr is for product pictures only right now, but I am starting to learn some of the basics of photography (thanks to my brilliant partner Robert, who takes absolutely breathtaking photos,) so I hope to make more out of that soon. Remember that Essentials is still young for a shop on SL, so things are coming together bit by bit, but they are.
  5. On that note, my nose will dive back into Maya, and then into PS, and then into my cozy bed. I am also blessed to be living in England and not dying of the heat like my friends have told me they are.

❤ Lex

LX Essentials

Get The Most out of Your Mesh Body.


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