Original FItted Mesh Apparel

Oh GOSH is it that time already? The Weekend, The Sales, The News…The Launch of Phase 2

SO much has been going on… And I am running around getting things sorted for this weekend’s sales and for all of the events and hunts that I am going to be participating in for September… The fun has just begun…

On sale first for the weekend only are a few favourites… The Late Summer Set in ash and Natural, and a new micro skirt in 4 colours for more than 50 percent off each.

Designer Circle Round 112 is still running, so grab your fits before I change it up for the next round 😀

Sequin is around the corner too, and I have cooked up something exclusive and a gift… Which will launch phase 2 of the LX project… As I am now rigging, thanks to the assistance and love of Moon Ishtari, of Einc.

What does this mean? That I will be cooking up my own designs in less time than I had thought provided that I do not get lost in deadlines etc. As this is the most important part of the LX project right now, I am working as fast as I can to get it together and just move forward.

Ok. But enough of that… The sales. I am having a summer blowout at the shop. Yep… TONS of stuff is going on sale for this weekend only! For My 60L Secret, for example, all 6 of the button downs are going on sale. for 60L.

A Blue Shirt A Clean Shirt A Coal Shirt A Earth Shirt A Red Shirt A Teal Shirt

Oh…. There is more.

My Supersales Weekend is also coming up, so I am tossing in some MORE stuff!

Stay tuned for that… I am just starting to cook over here.



LX Essentials.

Get the Most out of Your Mesh Body ❤


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