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LX: What’s New: Big Changes

It has been awhile since I have blogged, because there has been so much going on lately with the shop that I simply have not had the time to come here and update… But here I am, even if only for a few minutes.

First, I am almost finished moving the store. LX has gotten bigger, and in order to keep up with that, I have moved the store to a bigger location. I am pretty happy about that – I have received tons of support, and being able to make the store bigger is a reflection of that 🙂

However, the big change has to do with the mission statement.

Mesh bodies, in the short time that I have been in the business, have changed. To reflect those changes, I have been working pretty much night and day in Maya to get my rigging down and create some designs, and if all goes according to plan, LX2 will launch by November. Delays in this would have to do with RL, but so far it looks like things will go according to schedule.

Apart from this, the following changes will go into effect for the main store:

LX Essentials will carry mesh for specific mesh bodies (those listed in the Project.)

LX Essentials will SELDOM carry standard size mesh, and if LX does, these products will have even STRICTER testing for compatiblity. WHY? Because right now the market for fitted mesh for specific bodies is growing so quickly that it could be an injustice to list a mesh body with a standard sized product. Although I still personally believe that we have a longggg way to go on SL before fitted mesh looks as good as standard mesh, I will reflect the feelings of my growing customer base and only feature standard mesh if the compatibility is almost perfect for a specific size of the body I use in the testing phases.

LX Essentials was started with a concept. That concept must mature with the development of mesh bodies, since I dedicated myself to the bodies. I am not going to roll back, as I do not believe in doing so. I am moving forward. It’s truly exciting.

However, this does not mean I will ignore the classic avatar, since I still have a few customers who choose not to wear a mesh body at all. 🙂

On that note, I am getting ready for quite a few events at the moment. Designer Circle 114 is coming up, the round begins tomorrow at 2pm SLT. My contribution this time is a trio of dresses and… SHOES! I love shoes in both lives… Dress Trio DC Special Boho WedgesThe dress is fitted for all Belleza bodies and for the Physique, and the shoes come in Belleza and Slink fits.

Coming in October is some REALLY awesome stuff…. See you soon.

❤ Lex


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