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Once Upon A Time… Things Did Not Fit

It is amazing how quickly things change in our second lives. I might even use the word astonishing. As of late, I have had people coming to me about the products in my shop, so in response to the comments, I am going to write this, hoping that those who look at my profile will come here and read it.

I opened Essentials in May with a concept. At the time that I opened my shop, the concept was very much alive and valid, and was received quite warmly. Nobody wants to remember a bad dream, but believe it or not, once upon a time, things did not fit. People could not find good mesh for their bodies. It was a mess, really – these beautiful forms had emerged, and there wasn’t much ‘made’ for them. So… We started out with these amazing mesh bodies, and at first, we were elated about appliers. Those system layers that were no longer fashionable became fashionable once again. However, we were not quite satisfied with that, since the quality of mesh design cannot be reckoned with. Before mesh bodies, we fought the alpha. Designers struggled to work around the classic avatar, drawing skillfully to produce alphas that offered coverage without compromising the look of their piece or, of course, of their avatar.

There were alphas with the mesh bodies… ALMOST a godsend except for the annoyance that has always been there – a good fitting skirt. The alphas were always a bit too low for minis, and not quite reaching those bits we needed to cover for the sake of not looking too odd.

I could go on for quite awhile about the history of mesh, but I will cut to the chase and illustrate my point instead.

The day I realised that Essentials would have to change had nothing to do with my customers, actually. It had to do with my own shopping experience. I had discovered some lingerie designed by Erratic. It had always been a ‘thing’ for my partner and I, since he hated the appliers on my mesh bodies but loved lingerie.I bought these little black lace panties with a matching bra. Pure fitted mesh. Put the pieces on my Maitreya. OMFG. Lace and all, not one glitch, just… Perfection in MESH lingerie? IMPOSSIBLE!

Very possible indeed – a revolution had begun and was progressing faster than I could change my shop over. The thing about fashion is keeping up with its pace. What is in and out changes faster than so many other things, that if you blink for a second, you just might miss the bus.

When a customer, therefore, comes to me and says, ‘what is this weird NC that says I have to change MY figure for THIS piece of clothing? I will point to this blog and ask them to read. There was a time when things did not fit mesh bodies. Now, there is a wealth of amazing apparel that looks simply incredible with no effort. As wonderful as it is that this has occurred, there was (again, I will repeat,) a time in the not so distant past when this was not the case. It was then when I started LX Essentials.

Do I expect customers to understand this? No, I can’t. After struggling for so long to have things that looked good on the bodies they paid good lindens for, how could anyone?

Since then, I have revised my mission statement (the last post.) However, I will throw this in so that people can know that state of ‘bones’ with the bodies that I feature in my shop.

(Quickly what are bones for those who do not know? They are the skeleton bits that are used to rig those gorgeous clothes on your pretty bodies. 🙂 They are quite different from the classic avatar’s, and so special ones are needed to fit each body.)

So… Not in any particular order, here is what I know about the bones:

Maitreya Lara: Limited Release. Sophia Harlow updated the Maitreya Developer’s Group about two weeks ago. The mesh kit for Maitreya was not available for a LONG time. It is now on limited release, and there is a really long waiting list. What determines if someone can have the Maitreya bones or not is not known to me, so it is more of a wait and see sort of thing.

(In the meantime, I am rigging for the Maitreya ‘by eye’ and employing the auto hide script in Maitreya fit clothing.)Anytime Ash1I started with this little number – A simple tunic dress. I refitted and rigged it for the Physique and the Maitreya, using auto-hide on the arms only. It is a simple piece, but was a great way for me to determine skin weights on the Maitreya before taking on more challenging pieces of clothing.

The Belleza Bodies – Release of the Belleza Mesh Kit was stopped about a year ago. I opened Essentials long after that, so until Belleza is accepting applications for the mesh kits again, I cannot get access to the bones, nor will I attempt this body ‘by eye,’ because there are three and I couldn’t possibly play that kind of guessing game for three shapes.

Slink Physique – I have the bones and rig for it now. The support from Slink has been truly amazing. My first design, which is just waiting for my rig now, was modeled around the Slink Physique.

TMP: It is impossible to say when TMP will release a mesh kit. There is a skeleton for the shoes, and really skilled riggers can work with these bones to achieve fits. The issue with this is the body. Without a good dummy to work with, it is really difficult to measure a piece of clothing for the body. In some cases, a design needs to be completely reworked for it. Until there is progress with it, there will not be that many designs available for TMP overall.

Finally, there is eBody. Although the body was made with compatibility in mind, I believe also that with the changing times, after having a nice chat with someone from there, that a mesh kit will be released in October. Applications will be taken then.

In the meantime, I ask that you have patience with the transition of Essentials. Changing over during a transitional period is not easy, but I am doing what I can, as fast as I can, to do exactly that.

Thanks for Reading ❤


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