Original FItted Mesh Apparel

Sales and Coming Events

Cirque red

With all of the events going on, I haven’t had time to have a sale in the new store! This weekend I am going to run all three, which means about… 18 different pieces up for grabs at bargain prices. I am also opening up the gacha section of the store, so pull pull pull away!

What is on at the moment? The Mad Circus! For this one I have one exclusive and a cute nail set gift available. Le Cirque is sold in 9 colours with a pair of really cute shoes to match each. The Mad Circus will run for the rest of the month.

What else? The Halloween Gacha Event is up too, and I have one exclusive for that one… Balloon shorts and a nevermore tee.

Then there will be Penumbria, for which I will have two gown outfits available, pics of those are coming soon.

Finally, to finish the events this October will be the Boho Culture Fair. This particular genre of fashion is one that I adore, since in RL I cannot live without my maxi skirts, usually patterned crazily (hehe how can anyone not love a beautiful, flowing skirt?)

That being said, I will be releasing the Autumn Edition of the Maxi Skirts (Both 1 and 2,) as has been requested by many of you. There will be another Maxi before the season ends, and I will have some new tops up for grabs as well, Finally, as requested, I will also release a boho edition of another little favourite… The Everything Cardigan.

When I get requests, whether I can do them or not, and I try to but sometimes time works against me, it thrills me, Knowing that people are enjoying what I create is the greatest satisfaction. Even greater than that satisfaction, however, is that I personally enjoy making things.

I have been working in Maya as I have been for the last couple of months, and started playing around with an old friend, furniture. Depending on how things go, I am seriously contemplating LX Home.

What else? LX Classics. I have also received feedback that was pretty positive about classic avatar apparel, and have thought perhaps it might be time to spread my wings a bit further by offering more to only the classic? Or both Classic and mesh body? LOL Essentials grows and changes so often… I am trying to change with it.

The one I can say is seriously going to happen is LX Home. I will start on this for the holiday season, since my favourite time to make furniture has always been Christmas. As some of you might remember, I came from a background of meshing furniture and rooms, so as I said… An old friend.

More coming… I am preparing for the Boho fair.

❤ Mrs Darkmatter


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