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Curves! Slink Hourglass Makes Its Debut – Plus Some Unsavoury Opinions


So, as those who have followed my little blog know, I am not that big on too many curves, as I have found that in SL women tend to overdo it when it comes to boobs and derriere. I thought that the release of the Isis and the Freya would relieve some of this, but to my dismay, I found that it made the situation worse… Huge breasts, what should be an hourglass becoming…. Well I don’t even have a name for it… But you get the idea.

I am not a slim woman in RL, and I do not favour a Barbie look either, so I have always felt a little misplaced with being comfortable with my figure in SL… Until I discovered mesh bodies and saw I could at least maintain a slim figure that was not twiggy.

But. BUT.

Knowing about my soft spot with Slink, I woke up to a gorgeous surprise… The Mesh Creator Kit which includes the mannequin and the bones for the Slink Hourglass. So… Consequently, I rushed over to Slink and got the body myself. Put it on with my favourite deetalez skin, as I love the realistic element of these skins (one of many skinners I admire, as I love the ones i use for different looks and reasons.)

Was I ever impressed.

This is an hourglass indeed. Beautiful thighs, a lovely little waist, and breasts that do not need to come out to kingdom come to be noticed. I personally had to tweak the arse for myself (Slid to 30 and I was happy), but it was not a huge bubbly thing that your hands went into when you were standing still – it is just a nice bottom. Putting it on made me feel sexy – deeply womanly – as I believe all women should feel when they have a curvy figure.

I am in love. AND I have the bones to work this figure… Once the Maya version is given to me since I do not use Blender. Admittedly, this body makes me want to learn Blender FAST, but with all of the progress I am making with Maya, I feel that would just cause a delay in the release of my own designs.

I managed to get the mannequin in, and I am sure that sophisticated users of Maya can probably copy the weights over to use the body with the current Slink mesh kit, and I will work on doing exactly that today, even if I will likely fail lmao 🙂

The next part of my post might offend, and if it does, I cannot say that I care that much. I have never been a follower of any kind, and kissing ass is not something I do. The topic of my next bit has to do with mesh body developer kits.

Now, it goes without saying that I have always been EXTREMELY happy with Slink because of my soft spot for the bod and because of the support in giving someone like me, who is still a babe in the grasslands with all this stuff, the mesh body kit – MORE than that – keeping me updated with regards to the updates on these kits.

With the understanding that mesh body creators are extremely protective of their work, I still believe that there are some rather unbecoming and unfair practices going on with the release of developer kits. We are here to encourage and support each other, right? Sure – at the end of the day business is business, but when you close doors to people, is that fair?

As I said… I am young in this whole thing so perhaps a small time designer who is still perfecting my own work before I release to the public does not qualify as eligible for a mesh body kit for certain bodies. However, I did have a short convo that helped ease things in my mind a little, and I guess even though I do not agree with the reasoning behind it, I do understand the why and the because, and that made me feel a bit more confident.

For the time being, there are other choices. I do not blame those who closed applications due to things that are relevant and valid… I wish it were true that we are all equal here, even if some of us are more skilled than others.

Thank you for reading.


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