Original FItted Mesh Apparel

Already The Holidays? Huh???

Again… Apologies for the lack of frequency with which I blog, but I find it easier to keep people posted through Facebook and my flickr as of late.

Another month has passed, and once again we are at… The holidays! SO soon! It feels like only yesterday we had our first autumn breeze, and we are already embracing winter.

*LX*, as it is now being called due to the changes that have taken effect lately, has participated in many events this December. A couple are about to close, while a couple have just opened.

The most exciting news, however, is that last night *LX* Originals was born.

I released my first original mesh design last night. This happened in stages – first rigging things on my own and leading to the birth of this new element of *LX*, which will include clothing and furniture alike, but most likely will be more fashion-based. In celebration of the birth of *LX* Originals, I am offering my first release for an exclusive inworld only price – 60L per piece only at the main store and the Mesh Body Addicts Sim, since it was the Mesh Body Addicts involvement that propelled *LX* into where it is headed.

I have a LONG way to go, but the release of my first design was something that I had been trying to do for months. I call it The Lounge Sweater. It is a simple piece, as is to be expected, which I am offering in 14 colours and 6 sizes – Two sizes for Maitreya, one for Slink Physique, and three fitted sizes for the classic avatar.


This part of *LX* has only just begun… And I am excited by all I am learning and all I am going to be learning.


Here they are below:


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