Original FItted Mesh Apparel

The MBA Bi-Monthly and More Original Mesh

Well! This has been an exhausting week, and it is coming to a close with a bit of a… Special event. Well, ok – TWO.

The Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly is underway, and I remember it being my first event ever in August. Things have changed so much since then – LX had only been open for two months when Daria opened the door to me and gave me my first bit of inspiration. Since then, a creative journey went underway, and as I travel through it, I emerge myself completely in original mesh.

My submission as a guest designer was rather simple, and that is exactly what I called it – Simply. It is available at this event until the 30th before I release it to the public, in 6 colour duo sets. It is fitted for Slink Physique, Hourglass, and Maitreya. I have also included a fitted mesh size for the classic avatar.


This weekend I am also the featured sponsor for Fifty-5. It means that I am having a MASSIVE (Yes, a really big one) sale at the mainstore. I chose this weekend to do this for a special reason – it is also my birthday weekend. Why not celebrate by knocking the prices down at my store! I am also marking the opening of my new shop, which I have made bigger, brighter, and hopefully, better. It is still under construction, since I am also in the middle of changing my vendors and displays.


There you have it for this week… Something else is in the Maya oven baking at this very moment, so stay tuned. ❤


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