Original FItted Mesh Apparel

Transitional Period Complete: New Release

The transitional period for *LX* is officially over. As I say in my picks:


*LX* Essentials, after 8 months of work and effort, is proud to have launched LX Originals – meaning that  the transitional period is over and I will only be creating and offering original mesh designs for *LX*.

Creating mesh takes time and patience, so I thank you all in advance for understanding why my releases will take more time than usual to reach you ♥

Will I ever sell full-perm mesh? Sorry, but the answer to this is a firm NO.

Due to the popularity of other items in my shop, I have no plans to discontinue any of my customer favourites at this time unless I am required to in order to move *LX* forward even further.

There will be no more use of templates for any part of an *LX* creation, and I am slowly removing products made with templates from the branches and the main store.

My next offering is a retro minidress, in 12 colours with two colour choices per set, and fitted for the Slink Bodies and Maitreya, also coming with 5 fitted sizes for the classic avatar.

Just because the transitional period is over does not mean that I think my job is done, or that I have perfected things. In fact, it stands for something more meaningful – the open door of learning. Now that I have my own designs out there, I am pushing myself, and the store, forward with even more enthusiasm, and am picking up new information constantly which will aid in the advancement of my shop.

Nothing in a learning process ever simply – ends. The transitional period ending only means that the advancement period has begun. I look forward to creating better, more intricate designs and learning more about programs which can aid me in bringing forth the shop.

Thank you.

Retro Spring BerriesRetro Spring BluesRetro Spring ElectricRetro Spring ForestRetro Spring KellyRetro Spring MonochromeRetro Spring NaturalsRetro Spring RedRetro Spring SpicesRetro Spring TealRetro Spring VioletsRetro Spring Wine


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