Original FItted Mesh Apparel

Maitreya. Transitions: Phase 2

When I was sent the mesh body kit for Maitreya by Onyx leShelle, I did a jump for joy. The kit for Lara is something, as you all know, that I had been waiting for a very long time to obtain. I can now design my originals for Maitreya proper, which is very important to me, since the body was one of the reasons that LX Essentials opened in 2015.


However, along with this achievent comes a new transitional period for the store. The decision I have made is a long time coming, and in many ways, means starting almost from scratch. I started the transition today in the MP. I am removing all templates from my shop.

I have set a realistic deadline for the transitional period in the MP to be completed, and also for my customers to obtain any of their favourites before they disappear forever. By August of this year, all templates will be gone. There is no turning back.

I have also obtained support from eBody, and now have the body for use in Maya so that I can rig and design around this one too. As far as Belleza, those who support me and use the Belleza bodies will have the most difficult time, since I do not have that kit and do not know when I will. All of this depends heavily on when the update is made and when applications to receive the mesh kit reopen. I am anxiously awaiting that moment as well, since the only way that I could supply Belleza users with apparel was through template use. I will not rig beta for Belleza, simply because of the high availablilty of the kit in its time and because the bodies, especially Freya, are a bit too complicated to rig Beta off of in my opinion. As the most popular of the three bodies are Isis and Freya, I will not even try to rig for Venus.


In the process of getting ready for events, I have neglected my blog. My Flickr is constantly updated, so for a look at some of my latest pieces, visit me inworld or check out my flickr. I also put sneak peeks and WIPS in my FB from time to time.


*LX* has also changed its logo:

The top on the right is a WIP of my next release – my tube top, as my design, will be available in 24 colours, put into 4 colour packs (two light, two dark,) with three fatpacks – darks, lights, and the full fatpack.


All of this is still so frightening to me on many levels, but also so deeply inspiring. As my store presses forward, I feel like something amazing is blossoming. Surely it will take time for my customers to adjust to the changes, but they are almost complete. After over a year, I feel closer to my goals than ever before.


Now all I have to do is get my rigging right on long skirts, since the request for an original mesh maxi skirt is huge, almost as big as the request for a tube top that fits Maitreya properly (this top was modelled on Lara.)


Bye for Now!



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