Original FItted Mesh Apparel

Sales Weekend, New Release, Addicted to Black

I have not had a sales weekend in some time, So I thought I would this weekend. 🙂

One of the sales I am holding is for a new piece that I have just released called LIZ. It is a top which comes in 16 colours- sold in pairs. I am offering 4 of the singles for only 55L each this weekend as an introductory offer… here they are:

You can go to my flickr to see the others… Or just pop over to Hope Caye and have a look in the main store ^-^

My 60L Secret and Super Sales Weekend will also run this weekend. I am offering my Innocence skirts for my 60L secret. I did a Devilish and Innocence skirt collection for an Evil Bunny event a couple of months ago..

I am offering three of the Innocence skirts for 60L each.

Innocence natural

Innocence PinkInnocence Pure

Next, for Super Sales Weekend, I will be having a special on my Leslie dresses, which were the exclusive that I offered for Penumbra’s spring fashion week. I am offering the dress for over 50 percent off this weekend only. There are three fully HUD driven choices: Asian, Dotted, and Coming up Roses:

Sales run from today for fifty5, and from tomorrow for my 60L and SSW.

Starting on the 25th is my first presentation at Addicted to Black. For this event I am offering a skirt I call VERA. It is presented in 5 black pattern trio sets, with a 16 colour change HUD for the belt – 8 in pastel and 8 in darker colours.

Here is VERA:

Events Coming: The Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly, Aloha, Fable, and some other bits that I have not yet confirmed.

I also wanted to take a moment to answer a couple of questions which have been important pertaining to Maitreya. I have been contacted by some of my customers about whether or not I will update any of the products I created when I was doing Maitreya in Beta. My answer is that if I am really busy with events or with the maintenace of my shop, I will not update anything unless it is absolutely necessary, since refitting and redoing the rig is time consuming. ❤ As soon as I have a free moment, I will consider this on the basis of the popularity of the item.






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