Original FItted Mesh Apparel

The MBA Bi-Monthly… And Bodies

Things are happening at Essentials this week, and one of them is the MBA Bi-Monthly. I am offering a new creation called LISA. This dress is available in 16 colours, sold in pairs, a light pack, a dark pack, and a full pack. Shown below in monochrome:

I put a lot of effor into this little dress, which is fitted for Maitreya, the Slink bodies, and a new body in my little mesh body family – Tonic.


I will be putting up my body list soon, since there are some very significant changes going on with *LX* that are going to come forth during this month and next month. One of the things that will happen as a result is that I will stop creating for the classic avatar. It was difficult for me to make this choice, but when thinking about what people have demonstrated that they want and they need, it was more of a calling for mesh body apparel. At the moment I hold 6 mesh body kits with which I can work. Two of them are Blender files, and since I work in Maya, those will have to wait until I feel comfortable enough with Blender to do it. In the meantime, I am really busy preparing for events and maintaining the shop, so I am doing what I can.

There is always more to add, but I suppose I need to get started on some things that I am going to run on the 15th. stay tuned for that.

❤ Lex


Lisa Monochrome.png


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