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*LX* and Belleza: Updating for Both

It is always a good morning when you wake up to a new body release, isn’t it? This one comes from Belleza, which last updated about a year ago.

For a full description of the update, which includes being able to buy the three bodies separately and a new, powerful HUD, hop over to Daria’s page:


As far as my own personal observances, here are some. The first is a bit…. Personal, but I noticed it right away lol:

-The kitty is fixed. I am not going to go into great detail about something that is such a personal thing, but those who know the body will put it on and notice this immediately. The skin and the mesh are unbelievably refined – Obvious evidence as to why the update took the time it did. To really see this, I put on one of my belleza skins and head appliers for Catwa, which are amazing (I have three favourite skinners for my Catwa appliers, and Belleza is one of them.)

-Smoother transition with Slink hands and feet. Although the hands and feet on the body are one of its best features, those who adore their Slinkies as much as I do will notice that the skin seams from one to the other is practically seamless.

-Better fitting sizes and rigs. The second thing I did was run to put on one of my latest releases, which I fitted for the bodies. I was afraid, more than anything, that the time I have spent getting to know the body up close and personal (in Maya) was going to have to be ‘relearnt.’ but nope… In fact, my fits and rigs are even better than they were before, causing me to bounce for joy in my seat as I type and continue to look at it.


-Freya!- At first, I was not a huge fan of Freya, as I prefer a slimmer avatar overall, but when I tried the new Freya, for some reason that changed. Isis is still the body I love the most out of the three, but the general look of Freya is incredibly improved. Same as Venus, the classic beloved first body that came out of this.

-It is more affordable!- When I had first bought the body, which was born shortly after TMP was,it cost a lot more. People now have the option of buying the three bodies separately or in a ‘lite’ version, making it more affordable and giving people the choice of their favourite instead of having to purchase all three. I have mixed feelings about this – It means more work with fitting and rigging for sure, but it means customer freedom and options, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. Slink sells HG and Physique separately. I will be curious to see which of the bodies will be the favourite.

I have released four pieces with the new addition to the *LX* body family so far. Two will be released tomorrow at the MBA annual, and one has already been released at the Aloha fair. *LX*, in order to toast this update, has chosen to update a piece that I have been asked to update in the past, as being able to please my customer base (I had quite a few fits for these before I went on to create original mesn,) I can now do that. Actually, I have chosen two lol, but I will start with the one that people have popped into my inbox asking for the most. I have already started this, and with the fairs set up and ready to go, can spend today finishing it. If I finish it before the fair gets underway, I will add it to my display there.

I suppose finally, I need to thank Tricky Boucher for his trust and support. I have waited for this body kit, as I had for Maitreya, for a long time, and having the three bodies that I started *LX* with now at my literal fingertips when creating my own pieces is quite an honour. These sorts of things serve as motivation for me. My learning process will never be over, and having them now will inspire me to create pieces which reflect my happiness and my ‘updated’ dose of inspiration.

That being said, I can happily move on to continuing the update of this one design. Lack of time will make updating everything impossible unless I get enough requests to do so, thus choosing one piece to work on first.


Thank you!



belleza mesh body logo 512


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